‘American Tuna’ Salad (Weekend Lunch)

Canned tuna seems to be a staple in nearly every household.  While we are all aware of the benefits of eating fish, I constantly hear people voice concerns about mercury when addressing fish that are larger and higher on the food chain (such as tuna).  A product that we have absolutely fallen in love with is American Tuna.  What could be so special about canned tuna?  I could go on forever… but I will give you the abbreviated rundown.


It is pole-caught by American fishing families IN America.  It is processed in America.  (And speaking of the processing, it is minimal… another thing we love.)  It is cooked only once and it is cooked after it is canned.  There is no added water or oil.  The only things inside these cans are tuna and natural juices from the cooking process.  All this means that there is no by-catch to get trapped in nets.  It is certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council.  And the size and type of tuna used is nearly mercury-free.  The mercury in this product is almost undetectable, which makes it completely safe for pregnant and nursing women or other people who have health concerns related to mercury.


If you have never used this tuna before, you might be surprised when you open it.  It is NOT white, but it is a true albacore tuna.  Did you know that some commercial canned tuna can actually be bleached to the shade of white we are all accustomed to associating with higher quality?  And in some cases, the can is only required to contain a certain percentage of tuna.  What is the other stuff in there?  It remains a mystery to me.

DO NOT DRAIN THIS TUNA.  The natural juices are simply mixed back into the tuna.  The result is that no nutrients are lost down the drain.  None of the weight you paid for is going down the drain.  And you will use less mayonnaise.  A win-win all around, if you ask me.   The tuna soaks it right up.


Next up, add your mix-ins.  The possibilities here are endless.  I went the more traditional route.  One thing we really like in tuna is tarragon.  They just go so well together.  I only added about two tablespoons of mayonnaise for both cans.  A little chopped onion.  Some celery seed.


One thing about passionate food people is that, well, we are passionate.  I LOVE what I love and have equally strong feelings about the things I don’t.  I do not like pickles.  The rest of my family loves them, especially in tuna salad.  Not to worry, a little gets set aside for myself and the rest of it gets chopped pickles (relish in the jar works, too!).


At this point, the world is your oyster.  Salad with a scoop of tuna on top, tuna sandwich, tuna melt, tuna on crackers.  Totally up to you.  We had some whole wheat buns leftover from the night before.  Waste not, want not.  I toasted the buns (after all, this is a weekend lunch) and topped them with the tuna.


This is really something you can feel good about serving to your family.  It’s quick and easy, delicious, and healthy.  If you haven’t tried American Tuna yet… you are missing out.  I will warn you that you will never look at another can of tuna the same way again.

P1030032  P1030033

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