Homemade Butter


Sometimes, little kitchen helpers are underfoot and need to be given a project!  One of my favorite things to occupy them when they want to help in the kitchen is making butter.  I always seem to have small amounts of heavy cream leftover in the fridge from various recipes and this is a GREAT way to use it!

All you need is a mason jar (if your kids are very young, a plastic container with a tight-fitting lid will work) and some heavy cream.  Then tell them to SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE!

P1040251     P1040254


First, you will have whipped cream.  Then you will see it start to separate and ALL THE SUDDEN, it will turn very runny and there will be a big blob of solid matter in the jar.  I have been told that the liquid part (whey) can be frozen and added to smoothies and etc.  I personally haven’t tried it.  I drain the liquid from the solid and gently squeeze out additional liquid until you don’t see anything coming out.  I like to do this with very gently-running cold water to keep the butter from getting too melted in my hands and to rinse off the liquid that comes from the butter.

P1040256     P1040257

If you want to add salt, go ahead.  This will keep in your fridge for a few weeks and it is DELICIOUS!  If you are making bread from scratch, this is a MUST-HAVE to go on it!


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