4th of July Food Adventures.

Who doesn’t love an excuse for a festive themed meal?  And what better reason than the celebration of our very own independence?  Sounds like the perfect time to play with your food.  Here’s a little sneak peek into our own celebration at home.


Citrus-Bourbon Tea and Red Sangria.



Smoked Wahoo Dip (my husband smoked a Wahoo I caught in the Bahamas last month).



Conch Fritters (with Conch we got in the Bahamas).

P1030176   P1030175


We all know there are few things more American than a hot dog.  Why not take it another step and go big with a Chili Dog Bar?

P1030190   P1030191


And, of course, no gathering would be complete without an array of delicious and festive desserts.

P1030188   P1030187



We hope you and your loved ones had a great time celebrating the freedoms that we are blessed enough to enjoy.




2 thoughts on “4th of July Food Adventures.

  1. Jessica, wow what spread. Looked awesome You do an amazing job. Thanks again for the information and goodies Sent from my iPhone

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